Hospital Soup Ce_Ce
Center for Eating Disorders at St. Joseph
Center for Elders Independence
Center for Elders Independence East Oakland
Center for Elders Independence South Berkeley
Center for Emergency Medical Services
Center for Emotional and Behavioral Health
Center for Extended Care at Amherst
Center For Facial & Oral Surgery
Center for Facial Plastic Surgery
Center for Family Health
Center for Family Health - Middletown
Center for Family Health - Springfield
Center For Family Medicine
Center For Family Medicine Mandan
Center for Forensic Psychiatry
Center for Gynecology and Fertility
Center for Health & Fitness - Vineland
Center For Health and Fitness
Center for Health at Ft. Jesse
Center for Healthier Living
Center for Healthy Lifestyles
Center for Heart & Vascular Services - Trover Foundation
Center for Hope of the Sierras
Center for Independent Living
Center for Integrative Medicine (CHIPSA)
Center for Joint Preservation and Replacement Sinai Hospital of Baltimore
Center For Life Resources
Center for Living
Center for Male Reproductive Medicine and Microsurgery - Cornell University
Center for Medically Fragile Children
Center For Music Therapy
Center for Neurologic Study
Center for Neuroregeneration Research
Center for Obesity Surgery and Treatment
Center for Occupational and Employee Health
Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Center For Optimum Care - Summit
Center for Organ Recovery & Education (CORE)
Center for Orthopedic and Sports Medicine
Center for Pain Management at LLU&MC
Center for Pediatric Research
Center for Pediatric Therapy
Center for Physical Rehabilitation
Center for Physical Rehabilitation
Center For Physical Therapy And Sports Rehabilitation
Center for Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery
Center For Plastic & Reconstructive
Center For Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Center for Plastic Surgery
Center for Plastic Surgery
Center for Plastic Surgery and Skin Care
Center for Plastic Surgery at the Summit Medical Group
Center for Plastic Surgery PC
Center for Plastic Surgery, P.C.
Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation
Center for Radiation Therapy
Center for Reconstructive Surgery
Center for Rehabilitation at Maria Manor
Center for Rehabilitation Medicine
Center for Reproductive Medicine and Infertility Information
Center for Senior Health
Center for Solutions
Center for Speech & Language
Center for Spinal Disorders
Center for Studies in Reproduction - University of Maryland
Center for the Study of Issues in Public Mental Health
Center for Urological Services
Center for Well Being and Integrative Medicine Clinic
Center for Women's Health - Trover Foundation
Center for Women's Health Care
Center for Women's Healthcare
Center for Women's Reproductive Care at Columbia University
Center For Womens Health Care - Eureka
Center for Wound Care
Center For Wound Care Or Hyperbaric Medicine
Center for Wound Healing at Kennedy
Center in the Woods
Center Integrated Medicine
Center of Cosmetic & General Dentistry
Center Of Cosmetic & General Dentistry
Center of Excellence for Treatment of Barrett's Esophagus
Center of Hope
Center on Aging & Health
Center Village Residential Care Facility
Centerpoint Ambulatory Surgery Center
CenterPoint Human Services
Centerpoint Medical Center
CenterPointe Hospital (BHC)
Centers for Advanced Medicine
Centers for Allergy, Asthma and Immune Disorders
Centers For Disease Control And Prevention
Centers for Living and Rehabilitation
Centers for Living and Rehabilitation
Centers for Long Term Care of Iowa
Centers for Long Term Care of Olathe
Centers For Long Term Care Of Salina - Nursing Home
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Centerville Days Inn
Centerville Health Center
Centerville Healthcare Center
Centerville Medical Center
Centerville Medical Clinic
Centerville Nursing & Rehab Center
Centinela Hospital Medical Center
Centinela Park Convalescent Hospital
Centinela Valley Care Center - East
Centinela Valley Care Center - West
Centra Health
CentraCare Clinic - Becker
CentraCare Clinic - Heartland
CentraCare Clinic - Long Prairie
CentraCare Clinic - Melrose
CentraCare Clinic - River Campus
Centracare Clinic - St. Joseph
CentraCare Clinic - Women & Children
CentraCare Clinic-Little Falls
Central American Institute of Cardiology
Central Arizona Medical Center
Central Arkansas Hospital
Central Arkansas Nursing Center
Central Assessment & Placement
Central Baptist Hospital
Central Baptist Village
Central Butte Union Hospital
Central California Ear, Nose and Throat Medical Group
Central California Imaging Center
Central Care Cancer Center - Emporia
Central Care Home
Central Carolina Health & Rehabilitation Center
Central Carolina Hospital
Central Carolina Obstetrics & Gynecology PA
Central City Hospitality House
Central City Lodge
Central Clinic
Central Coast VNA & Hospice
Central Coast VNA & Hospice Inc.
Central Community Health Centre
Central Counties Center For Mental Health & Mental Retardation (Mhmr)
Central Dakota Village
Central de Sante de l'Hematite
Central Delaware Surgery Center
Central Du Page Hospital
Central East Health Care Institutions Board
Central FL Teen Challenge
Central Florida Regional Hospital
Central Gardens Convalescent Hospital
Central Haven Special Care Home
Central Highlands Health Service District (Central Zone)
Central Illinois Orthopedic Surgery, S.C.
Central Illinois Radiological Associates, Ltd.
Central Indiana Teen Challenge
Central Island Health Care
Central Jersey Internal Medicine Associates
Central Jersey Internal Medicine Associates
Central Jersey Plastic Surgery
Central Kansas Medical Center - St. Rose Campus
Central Kansas Mental Health Center
Central Lodge
Central Loop Hotel
Central Louisiana State Hospital
Central Maine Medical Center
Central Mental Hospital
Central Michigan Community Hospital
Central Minnesota Heart Center
Central Mississippi Family Medical Clinic
Central Mississippi Medical Center
Central Missouri Cancer Specialists
Central Missouri Regional Center
Central Missouri Women's Healthcare
Central Montana Imaging Center
Central Montana Medical Center
Central Montana Skilled Nursing Center
Central Montgomery Medical Center
Central Nebraska Home Care - Grand Island
Central Nebraska Home Care - Hastings
Central Nebraska Home Care - Kearney
Central New York Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery
Central New York Psychiatric Center
Central Newfoundland Regional Health Center
Central Newfoundland Regional Health Center
Central NY Developmental Disabilities Services Office
Central Ohio Plastic Surgery, Inc.
Central Ohio Sleep Medicine
Central Oklahoma Community Mental Health Ctr
Central Oregon Extended Unit for Recovery
Central Oregon Internal Medicine
Central Park Health
Central Park Lodge Personal Care Home
Central Park Lodges
Central Park Plastic Surgery
Central Park Surgery Center
Central Park West Rehabilitation Center
Central Parkland Lodge
Central Peace Health Complex
Central Peace Health Complex Continuing Care Centre
Central Peninsula General Hospital
Central Piedmont Health Services
Central Plains Center
Central Plains Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Central Prison Hospital
Central Queens Family Health Centre
Central Regional Health Center
Central Remedial Clinic
Central State Hospital
Central State Hospital
Central State Hospital
Central State Hospital Nursing Home
Central Suffolk Hospital
Central Suffolk Hospital Skilled Nursing Facility
Central Suffolk Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
Central Texas Allergy And Asthma Center
Central Texas Chest Clinic
Central Texas Dental Cosmetic Reconstruction
Central Texas Dermatology Clinic
Central Texas ENT
Central Texas ExAblate
Central Texas Hospital
Central Texas Life Care
Central Texas Medical Associates - Kyle
Central Texas Medical Associates - San Marcos
Central Texas Medical Center
Central Texas Plastic Surgery, P.A.
Central Texas Rehabilitation Hospital
Central Texas Spine Institute
Central Texas Veterans Health Care System - Olin E Teague Veterans' Center
Central Towers
Central Triad Imaging Center
Central Valley Family Health - Caruthers
Central Valley Family Health - Coalinga
Central Valley Family Health - Corcoran
Central Valley Family Health - Dinuba
Central Valley Family Health - Fowler
Central Valley Family Health - Hanford
Central Valley Family Health - Home Garden
Central Valley Family Health - Selma
Central Valley Family Health Clinic - Avenal
Central Valley Family Health Clinic - Huron
Central Valley Family Health Clinic - Kerman
Central Valley Family Health Clinic - Lemoore
Central Valley Family Health Clinic - Reedley
Central Valley Family Health Clinic - Sanger
Central Valley Family Health Clinic - Selma
Central Valley Family Health Clinic - Selma Central
Central Valley General Hospital
Central Valley Medical Center
Central Vancouver Island Health Regionh
Central Vermont Medical Center
Central Vermont Midwifery
Central Vermont Physician Practice Corporation
Central Village Retirement Apartments
Central Virginia Training Center
Central Washington Hospital
Central Washington Hospital TCU
Central West End Health Center
Central West Health Corporation
Central West Health Service District (Central Zone)
Central West Virginia Aging Services
Central Wisconsin Center for Developmentally Disabled
Central Wisconsin Surgical
Centralia Manor
Centralia Medical Center
CentraState Medical Center
Centre Anjou
Centre Avenue Health & Rehab Facility
Centre Clinic
Centre Communautaire de Sante
Centre Crest Home
Centre D'Accueil A-Des-Rochers
Centre D'Accueil de Havre
Centre D'Accueil G-Rosemont
Centre D'Accueil Henri Bradet
Centre D'Accueil Mgr Gendron
Centre D'Hebergement & de Soin
Centre D'Hebergement Champlain
Centre de gestion hospitaliere
Centre de Jour de Psychiatrie
Centre de Jour Psychiatrie
Centre de Psychiatre Montreal
Centre de Psychiatrie Comm
Centre de réadaptation de la Gaspesie
Centre de réadaptation en déficience intellectuelle du Saguenay - Lac-Saint-Jean
Centre de Readaptation Intrvl
Centre de réadaptation Marie Enfant
Centre de recherche Fernand-Seguin
Centre de Sante - Pointe-Verte
Centre de Sante Aylmer Sound
Centre de Sante Baie Des Moutain
Centre de Sante Chevery
Centre de Sante de la Basse
Centre de santé de la Basse Côte-Nord
Centre de Sante de la Haute
Centre de santé de la Minganie
Centre de Sante de Paquetville
Centre de santé de Témiscaming
Centre de Sante Des Hauts-Bois
Centre de santé des Nord-Côtiers
Centre de santé et services sociaux de la Radissonie
Centre de Sante Harrington Harbour
Centre de sante Inuulitsivik
Centre de Sante Kegaska
Centre de Sante la Tabatiere
Centre de Santé Maria-Chapdelaine
Centre de Santé Notre Dame
Centre de Sante Riviere
Centre de Sante Sainte-Famille
Centre de santé Sainte-Famille
Centre de Sante St-Augustin
Centre de Sante Tete-A-La-Bale
Centre de santé Tulattavik de l'Ungava
Centre de Sante Vallee de l'Or
Centre de Sante Vallee de la Gatineau
Centre de santé Vallée-de-l'Or
Centre de soins et de sante communautaires
Centre de soins palliatifs La Chrysalide
Centre de soins prolongés Grace Dart
Centre de traitement specialisé
Centre Externe de Traitments
Centre for Addiction & Mental Health
Centre for Addiction & Mental Health
Centre for Adult Psychiatry
Centre for Applied Research in Mental Health & Addiction (CARMHA)
Centre for Clinical Research
Centre for Cranial Nerve Disorders
Centre for Geriatric Psychiatry
Centre for Neuro Skills - Bakersfield
Centre for Neuro Skills - Los Angeles
Centre for Neuro Skills - Texas
Centre for Plastic Surgery
Centre Grey General Hospital
Centre Grey General Hospital
Centre Hopital communautaire du Pontiac
Centre Hospitalier Affilie
Centre Hospitalier Angrignon - Pavillon Lasalle
Centre hospitalier Angrignon - Pavillon Verdun
Centre hospitalier Anna-Laberge
Centre hospitalier Baie-des-Chaleurs
Centre Hospitalier Beauce
Centre hospitalier Beauce-Etchemin
Centre Hospitalier Buckingham
Centre Hospitalier Chateau
Centre Hospitalier Chauveau
Centre Hospitalier D'Amqui
Centre Hospitalier D'Asbestos
Centre Hospitalier de Bedford
Centre hospitalier de Chandler
Centre hospitalier de Charlevoix
Centre Hospitalier de Dolbeau
Centre hospitalier de Gaspe
Centre Hospitalier de Granby
Centre Hospitalier de l'Archipel
Centre Hospitalier de l'Assomption Inc
Centre hospitalier de la région de l'Amiante
Centre Hospitalier de Lachine
Centre hospitalier de Lamèque
Centre hospitalier de LaSalle
Centre Hospitalier de Matane
Centre hospitalier de soins psychiatriques de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Centre Hospitalier de Val D'Or
Centre Hospitalier des Vallees de l' Outaouais - Pavillion de Gatinau
Centre Hospitalier des Vallees de l' Outaouais - Pavillion de Hull
Centre hospitalier du Centre-de-la-Mauricie
Centre Hospitalier du Comte de Huntingdon
Centre Hospitalier du Rhone
Centre Hospitalier et Centre Antoine-Labelle
Centre hospitalier et centre de readaptation Antoine-Labelle
Centre Hospitalier Fleury
Centre Hospitalier Fluery
Centre Hospitalier Gatineau Memorial
Centre hospitalier gériatrique Maimonides
Centre Hospitalier Guy Laporte
Centre Hospitalier Henri Charbonneau
Centre hospitalier Hotel-Dieu d'Amos
Centre hospitalier Hotel-Dieu de Roberval
Centre Hospitalier J Viger
Centre Hospitalier Jonquiere
Centre hospitalier Juif de l'Espérance
Centre Hospitalier la Pieta
Centre hospitalier La Sarre
Centre Hospitalier Lac Meg
Centre Hospitalier Laurentien
Centre Hospitalier le Gardeur
Centre Hospitalier Malartic
Centre Hospitalier Mont-Sinai
Centre Hospitalier Notre-Dame-Du-Chemin
Centre Hospitalier Notre-Dame-du-Lac
Centre Hospitalier P Gilbert
Centre Hospitalier Pierre-Boucher
Centre hospitalier Pierre-Janet
Centre Hospitalier Regional Baie-Comeau
Centre hospitalier régional de Lanaudière
Centre hospitalier régional de Rimouski
Centre hospitalier régional de Sept-Îles
Centre hospitalier régional de Trois-Rivieres
Centre Hospitalier Regional du Grand-Portage
Centre hospitalier régional du Suroît
Centre hospitalier Richardson
Centre Hospitalier Robert-Giffard
Centre hospitalier Rouyn-Noranda
Centre Hospitalier St Eustache
Centre Hospitalier St Vincent
Centre Hospitalier St-Jean
Centre Hospitalier St-Joseph
Centre Hospitalier St-Therese
Centre Hospitalier Ste J D'Arc
Centre Hospitalier Thoracique
Centre Hospitalier Univ-Quebec
Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke
Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois (CHUV)
Centre Hospitalier Yverdon Chambon (CHYC)
Centre Hospitalier-Beauceville
Centre Hospitalier-Coaticook
Centre Hospitalier-St Laurent
Centre Hospitalier-Valleyfield
Centre jurassien de réadaptation cardio-vasculaire
Centre Le Jeannois
Centre Medical de Meyrin
Centre médico-psychologique pour adultes (CMP)
Centre Metropolitain-Chirurgie
Centre Mitissien de Sante
Centre Notre-Dame-de-Fatima
Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders
Centre Pharmacy
Centre Pointe Health and Rehab Center
Centre régional de santé et services sociaux de la Baie-James
Centre St-Augustin
Centre universitaire de santé McGill
Centre valaisan de pneumologie
Centrella Inn
Centro Cardio Nuclear
Centro Cardiovascular de Puerto Rico y del Caribe
Centro Clinico Militar Arica
Centro Clínico Militar Concepcion
Centro Clínico Militar Coyhaique
Centro Clinico Militar Iquique
Centro Clinico Militar Punta Arenas
Centro Clínico Militar Valdivia
Centro de Calidad de Vida "Complejo Vida Mar Tarara"
Centro de Cancer
Centro de Diagnostico Terapeutico Dra. Eloisa Diaz
Centro de Diagnostico y Tratamiento Barros Luco Trudeau
Centro de Diagnostico y Tratamiento San Borja Arrarian
Centro de Especialidades Pediatricas
Centro de Genética Médica de Sancti Spíritus
Centro de Histoterapia Placentaria
Centro de Histoterapia Placentaria
Centro de Implantes Dentales
Centro de Inmunología Molecular (CIM)
Centro de Investigaciones Medico-Quirúrgicas (CIMEQ
Centro de Neurociencias de Cuba
Centro de Otorrinolarnigología
Centro de Preferencia en Salud Maipu
Centro de Referencia de Salud Cordillera Oriente
Centro de Referencia de Salud Dr. Salvador Allende Gossens
Centro de Salud
Centro de Salud Familiar
Centro de Salud Primaria
Centro De Tratamiento Pacifica A.C.
Centro Especializado San Fernando
Centro Estatal de Oftalmologia de Guerrero
Centro Estrategico e Informacion en Salud y Seguridad Social (CENDEISSS)
Centro Ginecológico y Obstetricia
Centro Hemato-Oncologico Paitilla
Centro Hemato-Oncologico San Fernando
Centro Hospitalario Internacional Pacifico
Centro Iberolatinoamericano para la Tercera Edad (CITED)
Centro Internacional de Restauración Neurológica (CIREN)
Centro Internacional de Retinosis Pigmentaria "Camilo Cienfuegos"
Centro Internacional de Salud "La Pradera"
Centro Internacional de Salud "La Pradera"
Centro Medico Alcantara
Centro Medico Badajoz
Centro Medico de Especialidades
Centro Medico De Las Americas
Centro Medico de Tijuana
Centro Medico Dr Rudi Engelbrecht
Centro Medico EXCEL
Centro Medico Florence
Centro Medico Hospital Guadalajara
Centro Medico Hospitalario Florencia
Centro Medico Irarrazaval
Centro Medico Latino de Valle
Centro Medico Nova
Centro Medico Nuestra Senora de la Paz
Centro Medico Osler
Centro Medico Reforma
Centro Medico San Joaquin
Centro Medico San Jorge