In women, breast cancer is the most common cancer detected, and according to the American Cancer Society, accounts for one in four cancers diagnosed.  On Sunday, November 1, 2009 at 7:30 am. in Austin Texas, the Susan G Komen Austin Foundation Affiliate will hold the Komen Race for the Cure at the Domain shopping area in Austin Texas.


If you’d like to participate you can find out the more or Register to participate in the 5k or 3.1 mile race. There is also a one mile walk available and the race will be held rain or shine.


Quick Facts about Breast Cancer:  (from the American Cancer Society)


* One in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer


Risk Factors for Breast Cancer

* Age (risks normally will increase with age)

* Family History

* Early Menarche

* Late Menopause

* Breast Density

* Obesity

* Use of combined estrogen and progestin menopausal hormones

* Alcohol  Consumption

* Physical Inactivity

It is important for women to be well educated about the risks of breast cancer and how early detection saves lives. Please remember however, that statistics are only statistics, and when looking at the numbers regarding reported incidences of breast cancer, that perhaps the most important element in preventing breast cancer starts with you! Meaning, that you listen to your body and if you think there is an abnormality in your breast, even if you are not at high risk for breast cancer, that you get checked by a physician. And if you detect a lump in your breast and your physician will not send you for a mammogram, get another option, or call your insurance company and find out if you can just schedule your own mammogram directly with either a hospital or radiology clinic in your area that offers mammography services. It’s your body, and please make sure that you don’t rely only on statistics if you find a lump or are having symptoms. Get to a doctor to be checked and if the first doctor doesn’t listen to you, find another doctor.

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