Colon cancer or colorectal cancer is the second leading cancer killer in the United States. However, many of these deaths could easily be prevented if only patients would have a screening test called a colonoscopy performed. It is estimated that out of all of the deaths caused by colon cancer 60% of these people could be saved if they had been screened earlier, before any growths in their colon turned into cancer. So if there was a way to actually prevent cancer from happening in the first place, wouldn’t you want do know about it–and more importantly act on your knowledge?


Symptoms of Colon Cancer:

Some people avoid screening thinking that they’d “know” if there was a problem. This is simply not true with regards to colon cancer. In the case of a pre-cancerous polyp, which is a growth in the colon or rectum that shouldn’t be there, they often cause no symptoms especially at first. This means that you could have colorectal cancer or polyps and not even know about it. This is why screening is critical.

Some people may have symptoms of Colon Cancer

Possible Colon Cancer Symptoms

  • Blood in or on your stool
  • Stomach pain, aches, cramps that happen a lot and you don’t know why
  • A change in bowel habits, for example, having stools that are thinner than normal
  • Weight Loss that is unexplained

    It is important if you have any of these symptoms to discuss them with your doctor. There are other reasons that these things could occur that are not related to cancer, but it is in your best interest to bring these up with your physician if they are happening to you.