Plane Hits Austin Building | Austin Pilot Upset with IRS and Healthcare

It began as a gorgeous Austin day.   Blue skies, the sun shining, and the kind of day that makes you grateful to be alive. But in an instant, the calmness and order of a regular, routine Thursday was shattered. A 53 year old man by the name of Joseph Andrew Stack aka Joe Stack, intentionally […]

Texas Hospitals | Texas Hospital Uninsured Patients

Uninsured Patients – A vicious healthcare cycle for Texas Hospitals A recent ranking by U.S. News and World Report of 193 top hospitals placed 13 Texas Hospitals  on the list, ranked nationally in various medical specialties. The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston ranked first for cancer treatment, as well […]

The Real Truth About How Much A CAT Scan Costs

Part II in the Series on “The Real Price You Pay for Healthcare”  How can it be  so difficult to determine what certain services actually cost? If you’ve received any healthcare services lately, and you are insured, most likely your insurance company paid your bills and you were none the wiser for the details […]

Alternative Pain Relief: Alternative Pain Treatment

Pain: It’s something we’ve all experienced, and an uncomfortable part of life. But what if there was a alternative pain relief method which helped reduce pain without having to go to the doctor?  Some hospitals and clinics are beginning to use this pain relief method. Now once you learn about it, you can use it […]

Nurse Shortage: Nursing Shortages and Baby Boomers

Nursing Shortage in USA – Careers in Nursing
As the debate about health care continues, one issue that affects all of us is the availability of qualified nurses to provide care in the United States. Baby Boomers are aging and nursing as a career is one in which the needs in terms of our population will surpass the […]

Do You Know the Truth About Patient Discounts?

Part of the Series on “ The Real Price You Pay for Healthcare” Getting a price for a medical procedure is not like getting a quote for any other service or product.  Our healthcare system is  in such a chaotic state right now that it is difficult to know exactly what […]

Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), Influenza and Vaccines

GBS (Guillain-Barre Syndrome), Influenza and Vaccines Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) also known as; Acute inflammatory polyneuropathy, Infectious polyneuritis, Acute idiopathic polyneuritis, French Polio, Landry’s ascending paralysis and Landry-Guillain-Barre, is the most common cause of rapidly acquired paralysis in the United States today. Anyone can get GBS, but it is far more common in adults […]

CT Scan Patients And Excessive Radiation: News You Can Use Now

Excess Radiation During CT (Computed Tomography) Brain Scans: FDA Investigation Continues and What You Need To Know Now
Yesterday the FDA announced additional safety checks for imaging facilities, radiologists, and radiologic technologists to help prevent possible excessive radiation during CT perfusion scans. This came as a result of the incidences of 206 patients exposed to excessive […]

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Flu shot versus Nasal spray in adults?

Pandemic strain 2009 H1N1 This study addresses the seasonal influenza and not the protection of either vaccine against the novel influenza H1N1 swine flu strain that has circulated since spring of 2009.  The strains used in both seasonal vaccines are different and won’t protect against the novel H1N1 strain. A new University of […]

How You Can Avoid Getting Fake H1N1 Products

Unfortunately, the rise in H1N1 cases has made it difficult for consumers to determine which products are legitimate with regards to H1N1 medications or supplies versus those which are not. Here are some tips so that you know how to protect yourself from purchasing Fake H1N1 products or materials. […]