Swine Flu Michigan

Beaumont Hospitals Michigan start 24hour swine flu call center!   The suburban Detroit Hospital chain says its H1N1 Call Center will be staffed around the clock. It says some callers may get voice mail at peak times, but the calls will be returned. Beaumont says the line is designed to […]

Healthcare Cents Where is the Common Sense? Your Dollars Going Down the Toilet

If you ask any American today if we need healthcare reform you’d be hard pressed to find anyone answering that healthcare in this country does not need dramatic change. But with all the rhetoric and debates going on with trying to pass healthcare reform it’s difficult to think our government will solve the issue as […]

Wisconsin Hospitals Flu News in Wisconsin Hospitals

The state of Wisconsin and Hospitals in Wisconsin are taking pandemic flu very seriously. At the direction of the Governor, an Interagency Pandemic Flu Coordination Team was created in 2006. The mission of the Team, consisting of representatives from many state government agencies, is to work as a panel to provide guidance and oversight among […]

Wisconsin Assisted Living Retirement Living in Wisconsin

  Wellington Homes of Wisconsin, owns Community Based Residential Facilities under the name Wellington Place and one named Wellington Meadows across Wisconsin. All facilities offer Seniors the opportunity to live independently in a home-style atmosphere with assisted activities. One of the Wellington Homes properties, Wellington Meadows is a beautiful 28 bed Residential Facility […]

Texas Hospitals Answer To Flu Epidemic

Every year in the United States, on average, 5% to 20% of the population gets the flu, and no one knows for sure when the next pandemic may strike. Efforts are underway to plan for the complex issues and serious impact that a new influenza pandemic could cause worldwide. Some Austin Texas Hospitals already had […]

New York Hospitals First Female Physician in US

Family practice is the broadly encompassing specialty of medicine that deals with the medical care of children, adults, and seniors and a Family Physician is a qualified family-practice specialists. Family physicians possess unique attitudes, skills, and knowledge that qualify them to provide continuing and comprehensive medical care, health maintenance, and preventive services. They stand ready […]