Top Sites for Health and Medical References and Resources

In this sections we’ll discuss some of the best databases and reference sources for health care professionals. Some of the resources listed may be very clinical in nature.

The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews – provides accurate, up-to-date information about healthcare and best practices for clinicians. The database contains reviews of medical interventions and clinical studies […]

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Health Care and How it Affects Us All: Are You Paying too Much for Your Health Care Testing?

Luann J was feeling more tired than normal and was having trouble getting motivated to do her daily exercise. So she scheduled an appointment with her doctor and had some basic blood work performed. When the results came back Luann’s liver enzymes were elevated.  Her doctor ordered more blood work, a series,  to check to […]

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Binge Eating

Eating Disorder: Do you eat your feelings?

Unhealthy emotional states make people do all sorts of things. Many look for an outlet, some turn to their friends for sessions of gab and sob fests, some drink, some do drugs, some inflict pain on themselves and some turn to food. Many of these outlets are not healthy, […]

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Probiotics Supplements | Probiotic Supplement

Probiotics Products Use Bacteria to Protect Your Immune Strength A normal person’s body holds 10 "friendly" bacteria for every 1 body cell, which seems incredible, and is something to think about when you want to kill all germs. Most of them are beneficial, normal and natural. They even act as part of your […]

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Health Products Reviewed

Stay tuned as we review some health care products. Which ones are the top rated by our readers? Which ones should you pass on?

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How Your Heart Works – Understanding your Heart

When it comes to the health of your heart, it helps to have basic understanding of its structure. This is especially true if you’ve been diagnosed with a specific problem that stems from your heart’s anatomy. Let’s discuss the structure of your most important muscle in very simple terms.

Your heart is made up […]

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Heart Healthy Cooking Tips – Cook for the Heart

When it comes to keeping your heart healthy, your diet is critical. Incorporating new cooking techniques can help you to improve your cholesterol and blood pressure, which in turn will reduce your risk of heart disease. And if you learn to cook healthy for the whole family, you’ll lower everyone’s risk. Using healthy oils […]

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Fast Cholesterol Facts – Facts About Your Cholesterol

Cholesterol – Too Much Can be a problem, but we all need it in order to live. There are many misconceptions about cholesterol, and sometimes it can be confusing. Read on for more tips about this substance in our bodies, and some ways you can manage your cholesterol if you have been told by your […]

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Easy Ways to Reduce Your Cholesterol – How to Lower Your Cholesterol Without Taking Medications

Lower Your Cholesterol Without Medicines

You’ve just received a phone call from your doctor and it’s not so great news. Turns out, you’re cholesterol is over 200. Before you head to the pharmacy to pick up a cholesterol lowering medication, you should talk with your doctor about trying to reduce your cholesterol through lifestyle changes.
One of […]

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Getting a Blood Test – Tips You Should Know

Preparing For a Blood Test – Tips You Need To Know
If you’re scheduled to have blood work done, then it is important to find out from your doctor or health care professional the “rules” you should folllow before your blood is drawn.
If You are to be “fasting” for blood work, which generally means you will […]

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