Do You Know When To Get Your Thyroid Lab Testing Done?

If you have a thyroid condition or if you’re suspecting that you may have thyroid disease, your doctor may order a thyroid laboratory test. However, your thyroid blood test may not give you the most accurate results. How can you know that your thyroid tests for hypothyroidism or low thyroid are accurate? What about hyperthyroidism? […]

What To Do When Your Doctor Says Your TSH Is Too Low: Thyroid Testing

According to Dr. Richard Shames, M.D, thyroid problems may go undetected. It is estimated that low thyroid may affect up to 10% of the population in the United States and appears to be increasing. Some have even placed the numbers of Americans affected by thyroid disease as high as 20%.   Perhaps even more alarming is […]

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Has Your Thyroid Been Properly Checked – Tips for Thyroid Testing

Has Your Thyroid Been Properly Checked? There are many patients writing in with questions about their thyroid test results and it’s no wonder they have questions. Doctors, many times, are not up-to-date with the research and recommendations on thyroid treatment, and patients who rely on their doctor’s interpretation of their thyroid test results could actually […]

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Thyroid Testing Info

There are numerous thyroid tests that can be done in order to evaluate the functioning of your thyroid gland. The tests below are those that have been recommended as a starting point for evaluating thyroid function. If you suspect that you have a thyroid problem but have been previously told that your thyroid is “normal”, […]

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