My Thyroid Meds – Armour Changed Their Formulation Without Telling Patients

Armour Thyroid: A Patient’s Story – What Happened When Forest Labs Changed Armour Thyroid

PART I: My Thyroid History and Background

It had taken a better part of two years to get to the bottom of my thyroid issues. I had been told for so long that there “was nothing wrong with my thyroid” that I almost […]

Armour Thyroid Medication Reformulation Causing Some Patients Problems

Thyroid Medication Reformulation – Some Patients Report Armour Thyroid No Longer As Effective

Patients taking the thyroid medication Armour Thyroid, which is a naturally desiccated thyroid hormone drug, are reporting problems with the medication after the manufacturer, Forest Laboratories, changed some of the fillers of the medicine.

What was reportedly changed: According to Forest Labs the only […]