One of our staff members has fed her beloved mastiff California Natural Lamb and Rice dog food, part of the Natura Pet Products line which produces (Innova, Evo, Healthwise and Karma pet foods) for the past five years. Her dog liked the food and did well on it, for many years.

However, her dog was beginning to have excessive amounts of flatulence—and severe itching to the point where neither dog nor owner could sleep. Furthermore, she noticed that her dog was drinking excessive amounts of water, was lethargic,  and her coat, once lustrous and shiny, was beginning to look dull. The last straw for the owner came when her dog began throwing her dog food on the floor. This was a first for the dog as she usually relished her mealtime and had previously eagerly consumed every bite.

sleepingmastiff The dog’s owner thought maybe her dog’s stomach was upset.  So she stopped feeding the dog food and put her dog on a diet of rice and chicken for a few days. The dog started feeling and acting better. Her energy came back to normal, her coat looked glossier and less dull, and there was the old familiar sparkle in her eyes.

Drinking was no longer excessive, and so the owner thought everything was back to normal. She resumed feeding the California Natural Lamb and Rice,and the dog began to again throw the food on the ground again so the owner thought the issue could be with the dog food.  

The owner contacted the Natura company and was told that there were no reported problems with the California Natural product, nor were there any reformulations. She was told that she could return the bag to the retailer and exchange it for another bag with a different expiration date as there could be some variations between bags due to the regular manufacturing process.

Doing a search online however, revealed that other pet owners were also reporting problems with California Natural within the last few months. Many describing digestive upsets including excessive gas.  At the present time our staff member has stopped feeding the California Natural Lamb and Rice Dog food and would like to hear from others who may be using this brand. If you’re feeding a Natura Brand Pet food, what has been your experience with it? If you’re a long term user of the food have you noticed any differences in how your pet’s been acting over the past few months?

An announcement made on May 5, 2010 says that P&G has agreed to purchase Natura Pet Products. P&G is the parent company of Iams and Eukanuba.

We’d like to hear from you about your experience feeding California Natural Pet Food, so please share your comments below.