Handwashing: most of us think we know how to properly wash our hands. We’ve been doing it for years, and our mothers have been telling us to remember to wash our hands since the first day we can remember.  But many of us don’t wash our hands correctly or  understand that proper handwashing  takes a certain amount of time.  Did you know that washing your hands correctly is one of the most important things you can do to prevent infection? Diseases like e-coli,  salmonella, and other food handwashing techniques will help you and your family protect against illnesses borne illnesses can be prevented in many cases if proper handwashing is done. And, as the flu season approaches this year knowing and practicing good like the cold or the flu. 


Here are 10 Tips for How to Properly Wash Your Hands


1. Gather needed supplies

2. If using a public restroom (where the paper towels require you to touch a knob or button to advance the paper, go ahead and advance the paper before your hands are wet so that you do not have to touch anything  after your hands are washed.)

2. Turn  on warm water

3. Wet your hands

4. Apply liquid soap if available or use a clean bar soap.

5. Wash, scrub all surfaces of your hands including front and back of the hands, in between the fingers, underneath the fingernails and the wrist area.

6. Wash for a full 15-20 seconds

7. Tip:  To help your kids know how long to wash their hands have them sing happy birthday out loud twice to themselves. By the end of the song, the 15-20 seconds has passed

8. Rinse very well, again rinsing all surfaces that you washed

9. Dry your hands using a clean towel or air dryer if in a public bathroom. Don’t use your hands to touch anything after leaving the restroom including door handles or the air dryer. I use my shoulder to turn on the air dryer

10. When leaving the bathroom, use a clean, dry towel to open the door so that your hands are not recontaminated with any germs.

Knowing proper handwashing technique is useful for everyone in your family. Especially with the H1N1 flu outbreak along with the regular colds and flu that circulate during the fall and winter months, NOW is a great time to learn and practice good handwashing hygiene.