Secret Horrors Exposed in Tajii, Japanese Village in Coastal Japan

Each year off coastal Japan, more than 20,000 dolphins and porpoises are brutally slaughtered. Children separated from mothers, podmates herded together and then savagely ripped from their families.  Some will be “chosen” and shipped out to a life of captivity, while the rest of their family is barbarically slaughtered.    The Japanese town of Tajii, which ironically looks more like a picturesque area more suited to be seen on a postcard, then a setting for the killing Cove, is ground zero for this once secretive dolphin hunt that has been exposed in the Oscar Award Winning Documentary film, The Cove.

bottlenosedolphin Dolphins are mammals, highly sensitive, self aware creatures who have existed on the planet for more than 50 million years.  They’re one of the most social creatures on the Earth, form strong social bonds, and often will stay in the same family group or pod for their entire lives.  If a dolphin is injured, other dolphins have been known to come to the aid of the injured dolphin, helping it to the surface so that it can breathe.  One of the largest creatures in the dolphin family are the Orcas, who remain with their mothers  for their entire lifetime. If the leader or matriarch of the family unit is captured or killed, the family unit suffers because the experience and lessons that the mom would teach her children is gone forever.  Much as it would be if our own mothers were killed or taken from us.     With brains larger than humans, dolphins suckle their young and are intelligent, thinking feeling individuals.

Human beings have actually been saved or rescued by dolphins. These are the only wild animals that are known to come to the rescue of a human in need or in danger. 

In the annual dolphin hunt in Taiji, Wakayama prefercture, Japan, about 26 fisherman participate in the dolphin hunt each year beginning in September and continuing through March.  With 13 motorized boats, the dolphin hunters head out to sea early each morning to hunt for dolphins using the dolphin’s migratory routes. The hunters use pipes to disrupt the dolphin’s sonar and this process terrorizes the Dolphins and causes them to swim away from the sound while they are herded into a small, shallow cove to await their fate.  The entire process of herding the dolphins in from the sea, can result in dolphin injuries or death, as the ordeal may last for more than 30 or 40  hours.

Choosing the Best Specimen Dolphins for a Life of Captivity 
Dolphin Trainers from around the world  converge on the cove later in the day to select the best “specimens” which will then be shipped out worldwide for a lifetime away from their families and into captivity.  Mothers and calves are often times separated, with some young females selected for dolphinariums or swim with the dolphin programs,  while their calves are forced away from them and slaughtered in the shallow waters of the killing cove the next morning at sunrise. Japan has roughly 50 such dolphinariums and many of the hundreds of dolphins in these captive programs were actually obtained through the dolphin hunts.  A  Live dolphin captured during the hunt may sell for up to $154,000 which makes this practice very profitable for the dolphin hunters. 

The dolphins not “chosen”  for a life of captivity,  are then massacred the next morning with spears, hooks and knives—butchered for meat, fertilizer or pet food.  Hearing the dolphins panicked cries during their ordeal, is heart wrenching, and to see the fisherman haul up some dolphins that are still alive, into their boats is a terrible thing to watch . It is a painful, and tortuous death, and the beauty of this town is stained with the blood of the dolphins as their tails thrash in their own blood and the air is filled with their agonizing screams.  The water from the Cove turns a ghastly shade of Red.  This is the dolphin’s holocaust. The killings have been long hidden in secrecy as the Japanese fisherman hang tarps over the killing cove and string barb wire throughout the national park where the killing cove is located in an effort to keep their activities from being known to the world. Signs saying “Keep Out”, and “No Photography Allowed” sends a message that this is one scene that the Japanese government does not want you to see.

The_Cove_2009_promo_image  In the documentary The Cove, filmakers used hidden cameras and night vision goggles to capture the terrifying scenes and expose the barbaric practices that are condoned by the Japanese government.

After the dolphins are slaughtered and butchered, meat from the dolphins is then distributed in Japan, and some is even provided to Japanese schoolchildren in a free lunch program, even though dolphin meat is highly toxic because it is contaminated with PCB, mercury, and methyl mercury.

The Japanese people may not even be aware that their children are consuming contaminated meat because supermarkets do not put warning labels on the dolphin meat that it is contaminated by mercury.

Most Japanese people do not even want to consume dolphin meat, so the practice of massacring these wonderful creatures seems even more senseless. What is shocking to learn is that the Taiji fisherman actually said in a meeting  that they don’t hunt dolphins only for their meat or even for the export to the dolphinarium industry.  The fisherman said they kill dolphins as “a form of pest control.” From the fisherman’s delusional view, the dolphins are consuming too much fish, and the fisherman want to rid themselves of “competition.”   Instead of looking at the real reason for the declining fish population, which is world overfishing, the Japanese fisherman supported by the Japanese government are targeting defenseless creatures in the oceans for the problems brought on by man himself.


  On a Lighter Note: Take a Look at Who this Dog Picked As His Best Friend!
This Video is From Tory Island where Dougie the local dolphin takes a swim with his dog buddy.
Note: This video, Dog and Dolphin, has nothing to do with the Cove, but will show you a brief view of a very special friendship that may bring a smile to your face.


What you can do to help save the dolphins:

1. Send a letter to President Obama, Vice President Biden and the Japanese Ambassador to the US:


2. Call, Write or Email President Obama Directly

Urge him to:

  • Reform the US Delegation to the International Whale Commission.
  • Stop the negotiations for a whaling deal with Japan.
  • Adhere to long-standing US policy of maintaining the commercial whaling moratorium. This should include stopping negotiations on allowing commercial whaling under a guise of “cultural” whaling or some other euphemism.
  • Commit to using the US’ considerable political, economic and diplomatic resources to end the killing of whales and dolphins for commercial purposes NOW.

President Barack Obama
The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20500

White House public comment line: 202-456-1111

White House e-mail, go to:

3.  Sign the petition online to stop the slaughtering of dolphins

4.  Write and let your thoughts be known to the Zoo and Aquarium Industry to stop the slaughtering of dolphins in Taiji

5.  Visit Save Japan Dolphins


6.  Watch the Academy Award Winning Documentary, “The Cove” And spread the word about the dolphin slaughter.


7. Don’t go to dolphin shows or participate in swim with the dolphin programs as this simply supports the annual dolphin hunt and slaughter.

Abuse of any kind always flourishes in secrecy, and if you watch The Cove which exposes the annual dolphin hunt and slaughter in Taji Japan, you can spread the word and encourage others to do what they can to stop the violence and senseless slaughter of one of the earth’s most precious creatures.






More photos:







How Dolphins Are Captured for Display and Swim with the Dolphin Programs

This video below is a must watch for everyone. If you want to learn the truth about what happens to dolphins, you must watch the footage below.

Before you visit a dolphin park or swim with the dolphin you may want to watch this! 

Please post your comments below about What is happening to these Dolphins:

Were you aware that this type of in-humane torture was happening in the world?  Have you told others about this issue? How can you get the word out?


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