Compact fluorescent lamps, otherwise known as (CFL’s) are very popular with consumers these days because they consume 75 percent less energy than a traditional conventional bulb. Furthermore, a CFL bulb lasts up to 6 times longer than regular light bulbs and runs much cooler, adding less waste heat to your home.

Some users do not know what to do however, if a CFL breaks. Here are some tips to help.


1. Some people are calling 911 or asking the fire department for cleanup help. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and fire officials this is not necessary and can overload local emergency services unnecessarily from being able to respond to true emergencies.


So DON’T Call 911
DO take some precautions when cleaning up a CFL bulb that has broken

* Do air out the room where the bulb has broken for about 15 minutes
* Do seal the broken pieces in a jar with a metal lid or in a sealable plastic bag
* If you have a burned out or broken bulb and need to dispose of it you can take the sealed container to a Home Depot or other businesses with disposal facilities
* DONT vaccuum the bulb’s broken pieces
* Any clothes that come in contact with fragements of bulbs should be discarded