Stroke: Signs and Symptoms that Are Important to Know about Having a Stroke

Would you know the warning signs of stroke if either you or someone you know was having one? A life-threatening condition, a stroke occurs when the brain is not receiving adequate oxygen. This can happen if a blood vessel in the brain ruptures or if the oxygen supply to the brain is othewise cut off. Having a stroke can be devastating in terms of the effects because stroke injuries can cause disruption in speech, behavior, memory, thought patterns and senses.

stroke symptomsSymptoms of Stroke:

  • Dizziness or falls that are unexplained
  • Sudden weakness on one side of the face, arm, or leg
  • Problems with talking or understanding speech
  • Loss of vision or dimness generally in one eye
  • Severe Headache that comes on suddenly

There are 3 Tasks that You can Ask a Person to Perform so that you may be able to gather additional information about whether or not someone may be experiencing a stroke. They are:

1. Smile – Ask the person to smile – If the person is unable to smile or one side of the face is crooked, then it can be a clue to seek imediate medical attention

2. Talk – ask the person to Talk and Speak a Simple Sentence – If someone is incoherent and unable to put a sentence together, it is also a good idea to seek immediate medical attention

3. Raise – Both Arms – If a person can only raise one arm or has difficulty with this task then it can also be a reason to seek medical attention quickly

It is very important in any event to seek immediate medical attention if any type of stroke symptoms are found or suspected. There is a 3 hour timeframe that is needed for doctors to administer a drug that can help limit disability from a stroke but only if it is given within three hours of the onset of stroke symptoms.