Vitamin “O” is Essential to a Strong Immune System

The one element most essential to your life doesn’t come in a vitamin pill or powder — it’s oxygen, and most people don’t get enough.

People think that just because their lungs keep breathing through the day, while they think about and do everything else in their lives, that they’re getting the oxygen they need.

Bringing more oxygen into your body strengthens your immune system and makes your lungs healthier and better able to fight off respiratory infections such as colds and the flu.

strengtheningtheimmunesystem Therefore, one prescription for better health — as important as taking a good daily nutritional supplement — is to take 10 deep breaths three times a day.

Stand or sit comfortably, and relax. Inhale through your nose for a slow count of 4 seconds. Fill your lungs from the bottom up. Your belly should gently expand.

Hold your breath for a count of 16 seconds.

Exhale through your nose for a count of 8 seconds.

Repeat 9 times.

If you can’t hold your breath that long, just divide the counts by two. That is, inhale for 2 seconds, hold for 8 seconds and exhale for 4 seconds. Your lung capacity will increase the more you practice this.

You can get a lot fancier and more complicated — entire books have been written on healthy breathing and breathing exercises. But just that simple deep breathing will increase the oxygen level in your body, give you more energy and fortify your immunity.

The act of consciously breathing deeply three times a day encourages your lungs to breath more deeply during the rest of your life, while you’re thinking of other things. This will continue to supply you with more oxygen.

This is not the point of this article, but it’s an added bonus — many people who practice deep breathing on a regular basis report that they also lose weight. Efficient breathing promotes an efficient metabolism.

You probably know people who stay rail-thin no matter how many Big Macs they eat, and peole say it’s because their metabolism burns the calories so well. Hey, the fuel of your metabolism is oxygen. The more oxygen you take in, the better your metabolism burns, so you lose and take off those pounds you’ve added through the years.

Related to deep breathing is the issue of smoking. You’ve been lectured to a lot, but if you’re still smoking, it’s damaging your immune system in a number of ways.

Smoking impedes and paralyzes the small, hair-like cilia which help to protect your lungs from viruses. Studies have found that the macrophages in the lungs of smokers are bloated, brown and filled with tobacco gunk. When they ingest harmful pathogens, they often fail to destroy them. The Natural Killer cells of smokers are less likely to recognize viruses and less likely to kill them. Smokers have less Ig in their serum. Studies have shown that smokers who get a flu shot get it anyway more often than non-smokers, indicating their acquired immune system is weak.

Oxygen is a vital nutrient, and smoking reduces your lungs’ capacity to bring oxygen into your lungs.

It’s your life and your choice, but one way or another, smoking makes you more vulnerable to infectious diseases.