For many years it’s been known that proper nutrition is critical for keeping your body operating efficiently and looking your best. But what if nutrition and a particular juice could potentially help our minds stay sharp and help us remember important things with clarity and focus?  There may just be a food to put on your shopping list, especially if you are searching for a job and want the edge over other candidates in a job interview. Read on for more information on what to bring to the job interview in addition to your resume.

juice-to-improve-memory Apple juice has been shown in studies to help support brain functions in mice and to prevent age related decline. Researchers at The Center for Cellular Neurobiology led by Thomas B. Shea, Phd, at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell, Massachusetts,  found that apple juice given to mice helped the mice perform better in maze trials than those not given the drink. And even more potentially promising was the fact that the apple juice could potentially stave off Alzheimer’s disease.  In Alzheimer’s there is a build up of something called amyloid plaques which can become rigid and unable to dissolve between brain nerve cells. One of the substances which is thought to be the primary component of the amyloidal placques found in the brain is called beta amyloid. In the Study with Shea and his team the production of beta-amyloid was slowed when the mice were given the equivalent of 2 glasses of apple juice per day for one month. According to Dr. Shea, "These findings provide further evidence linking nutritional and genetic risk factors for age-related neurodegeneration and suggest that regular consumption of apple juice can not only help to keep one’s mind functioning at its best, but may also be able to delay key aspects of Alzheimer’s disease and augment therapeutic approaches.”

Note: Because apples are reported by the FDA to have one of the highest number of pesticides per crop it may be extremely beneficial if you are interested in potentially getting some health benefits from either apples or apple juice, to consume only organic apples or apple juice made from organic apples.

So if you’re concerned about aging or want to incorporate techniques into your life to help support your memory function and keep your brain in tip-top shape you may want to incorporate apple juice into your daily regimen. And having an apple juice with you during your next job interview just may give you the edge you need to impress the interviewer, and land yourself a brand new job.

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