How to Get a Second Opinion – Large Medical Centers 2nd Opinions

Getting a proper diagnosis is sometimes difficult for certain patients. Doctors and hospitals are generally able to easily diagnose the most common illnesses or diseases. However, if you or a loved one has a condition that is rare, then it may be time to consider how to find a specialist center or health care environment in a larger major medical center for a 2nd opinion.


Larger, more urban medical centers or specialty healthcare organizations have an advantage many times over smaller, more rural facilities. Even if you live in a medium sized town it is important to realize that physicians make diagnosis based upon their experiences and education. If there is a rare condition that is not normally seen, then often times you have a better chance of getting a proper diagnosis if you are in an area which sees more patients. The sheer volume of patients seen in a large medical center as well as the resources in terms of testing and medical equipment often will make it easier for patients to get a correct diagnosis.

Popular choices for patients seeking a 2nd opinion include:

The Mayo Clinic
Cleveland Clinic
Johns Hopkins Hospital
MD Anderson
Massachusetts General Hospital
New York Presbyterian Hospital
UCSF Medical Center
UCLA Medical Center
Duke University Medical Center
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
University of Pennsylvania Medical Center

In the next segment of this finding a 2nd opinion series we’ll talk about how to get a 2nd opinion at a major medical center. The things you can do to prepare for a 2nd opinion and how to organize the process so that you’ll have a better chance of getting an appointment for yourself or your loved one in an expedititious fashion.