Preparing For a Blood Test – Tips You Need To Know

If you’re scheduled to have blood work done, then it is important to find out from your doctor or health care professional the “rules” you should folllow before your blood is drawn.

If You are to be “fasting” for blood work, which generally means you will not have eaten for 10-12 hours prior to your test, there are some additional instructions which your doctor may tell you to follow.

Common tips are:

1. 24 Hours before your appointment to have your bloodwork drawn do not drink alcohol

2.If your appointment falls in the morning hours then the night before have your evening meal before 7pm. Avoid foods like butter, margarine, creams, gravies, salad dressings, whole milk or other fatty foods and stay away from anything fried and/or fatty meats. Diabetic patients should continue their regular diets but still avoid fatty foods.

3. For blood work in the morning, after 7pm no more food should be eaten. Diabetic patients should check with their health care providers and will continue eating their regularly scheduled snacks, but still should avoid foods with fat. Non diabetic patients who are “fasting” can have black coffee, plain water, or tea without any cream or sugar. After midnight do not eat or drink anything if your bloodwork is scheduled in the morning. In the morning drink one cup of water about 30 minutes to one hour prior to your scheduled bloodwork, then sips of water if needed.

4. Check with your doctor about taking your regular medications with water the morning of your test. Most of the time your doctor will want you to continue to take your regular medications, but make sure to double check for your specific situation.

5. Write down for your doctor all the prescription and non-prescription medications you are taking, and make sure you have discussed these in advance with your physician. Blood test results can be affected by the types of medications and/or supplements or non-prescription items that you are taking.