Sleep Apnea is another disorder that often goes undiagnosed. During a normal office visit, physicians generally are not able to detect the problem. When sleep apnea occurs you will stop breathing for several seconds or minutes. It can occur anywhere from 5 or even up to 50 times per hour.

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea:

Sleepiness during the day that is excessive
Feeling unrested
Memory problems
Personality Changes
Difficulty Concentrating
Headaches at night or in the morning
Sweating/Chest Pain during the night while sleeping
Sour Taste or Heartburn
Restlessness during sleep
Gasping or choking episodes

Sleep Apnea can be dangerous. Untreated it may lead to an increased risk of obesity, heart attack, stroke, heart failure and high blood pressure. Sleep apnea may also make you more likely to develop an irregular heart rhythm and can increase the possibility of having an accident while driving or at work.