Thyroid Medication Reformulation – Some Patients Report Armour Thyroid No Longer As Effective

Patients taking the thyroid medication Armour Thyroid, which is a naturally desiccated thyroid hormone drug, are reporting problems with the medication after the manufacturer, Forest Laboratories, changed some of the fillers of the medicine.
What was reportedly changed: According to Forest Labs the only thing that has changed in the new formulation of Armour is the fillers. More specifically they say that they have increased the amount of cellulose, added cornstarch and decreased the amount of dextrose in the Armour Thyroid tablets. Unfortunately, for many thyroid patients, this change has resulted in patients reporting that their hypothyroid symptoms, or problems with too little thyroid hormone, have returned when they receive their new prescriptions filled with the new formulation of Armour.

We’ll talk more about this in upcoming articles, but what was most striking maybe the fact that I cannot find any announcements to physicians, pharmacists, or even the general public from the manufacturer, Forest Labs, advising anyone that the medication was changed.

Can you imagine how it feels to be taking the very same medication you had been taking for months or years and suddenly having symptoms start returning and then calling your doctor or pharmacist and being told that “everything is the same” with your medication when it’s not?

Stay tuned as we’ll share the story of one of our readers who had that very same experience. Thyroid medication can sometimes take months to regulate, and once you are on an optimum dose it gives many patients the feeling of having their energy and sense of self back. To suddenly lose this with no warning and then perhaps worst of all to be told that it is “all in your head” when there is really something changed with your medication is not a good thing. Another reason, dear readers, to trust your judgment when it comes to your body, your medications, and how you feel. More on Armour Thyroid and our reader’s stories coming up soon.