Coughing, sneezing, stuffy noses, and nasal congestion. Body aches, sore throat, and feeling poorly. As the cold and flu season continues on, if you have any of the symptoms of the common cold or flu, one of the first things you may do after getting instructions from your doctor, is to head to your local pharmacy and see if there are any products that you can obtain over the counter to alleviate your symptoms.

A recent trip to my own local drugstore for a family member who was suffering from cold symptoms had me perusing the aisles for any “new” products that I had not seen or used before that may alleviate some of the cold and flu symptoms that can be so aggravating.

There are times that using an over the counter product can be helpful, and others when it may be much better just to save your money!

The product that I am reviewing today for you is called TheraFlu Vapor Patchtheraflucropped and I purchased it at a CVS pharmacy store for $6.49 plus tax. The product is a patch which you are supposed to stick onto something (I placed it on a T-Shirt, but there are no instructions on the box which provide detailed information on what you are supposed to attach the product to.)  So anyway, the product comes in individually sealed packages (there were 6 patches in the box I purchased) and when you open the package there is a brown patch which looks kind of like a band-aid. The back of the patch has a backing on it, which you are supposed to remove to expose the adhesive. There are instructions with the product which warn not to apply directly to the skin, so this leaves you with few options except to apply directly to clothes. I used an old T-shirt because I didn’t want to put the sticky adhesive on any nice clothing and then tested the product for 8 hours as according to the package the “vapors” are supposed to last for 8 hours.

So, the product is supposed to “soothe and comfort” and by looking at the box one would think that there would be some helpful “vapors” emitted from the patch. When I looked at the box my mind took this one step further and my thought was that maybe this patch would help my family member with his stuffy head and nasal congestion. After trying the patch out on both of us: one with a cold and one without a cold, unfortunately, we both came to the same conclusion.

Save your Money! The Theraflu Vapor Patch received a thumbs down from both of us who reviewed the item. Although there was a slight odor from the patch which was not unpleasant, the amount of scent released was so minimal that neither one of us could detect any benefits from wearing the product for 8 hours. On the plus side if there is one for this item, the patch did stay “attached” to our shirts for the full 8 hours and it did not fall off. But my family member with the cold didn’t think he received any relief from his symptoms, and I didn’t notice any benefit either from wearing the patch for the 8 hours.

Therefore, it is our opinion that if you are looking to relieve some of the congestion that comes with the cold or flu, that would be better off using warm steam showers, or baths and perhaps adding some essential oil like eucalyptus to your bath water to help with your congestion. Another “tip” that we use in our household is to boil water and then put the boiling water into a bowl and add one drop of eucalyptus essential oil and one drop of lavender essential oil. Place a towel over your head, being very careful not to get too close to the water and then breathe in the steam for about 10 minutes.  This can help with relieving the congestion associated with colds or the flu and can be done several times a day to help the breathing passages.

As always check with your physician and/or pharmacist before using any remedy or purchasing any over the counter product.

If you have any favorite remedies you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you. Just because a product is “new” or is marketed as a remedy doesn’t mean it works. We hope that by sharing both our reviews and reviews by our readers that you can benefit from knowing which products work well, and which ones to leave on the shelf the next time someone from your family has the cold or the flu.