Reducing Your Abdominal Girth Is Key to Better Health

Experts have told us that one of the best ways to reduce our overall health risks is to reduce the amount of abdominal fat that we carry around our mid-section.   As our abdominal fat decreases, your risk for certain conditions such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes is also reduced. Here are some quick and easy tips on getting a flatter stomach that will have you not only looking great in your clothes, but also keep you living a healthier life.

flatterstomach 1. Cut out the alcohol:  Many people underestimate or don’t consider the calories they consume by drinking alcoholic beverages and one of the best ways to reduce your calorie consumption is to simply say “no” to any alcohol.  A British pharmacist, Lloyds Pharmacy, says the average British adult could gain a pound every three and a half weeks by consuming the over 1,000 calories a week that an average British person indulges in by drinking alcohol.   Coming back to the US, if you consume just one 8 ounce glass of alcoholic eggnog you will be adding approximately 394 calories to your daily intake. This equates to almost 45 minutes of running for the average adult on the treadmill to burn off just this one glass of eggnog. So watch your intake at those holiday parties and plan in advance for some drink substitutions like having a Perrier water with a lime or even some skim milk and sugar free cocoa instead of those calorie laden beverages.

2. Add Coconut Oil to your diet. In a study done by Brazilian researchers obese women who consumed 30 milliliters of coconut oil lost more inches around there waist then those who consumed soybean oil. It is very important to select the proper type of coconut oil. Here’s a link to one of my favorite brands of coconut oil if you are in a rush and want to find some fast.

3. Increase the intensity of your workout with intervals. If you are a beginning exerciser and are walking, then increase the speed of your walking for  1-2 minutes, then resume your normal walking pace for 1-2 minutes, then continue this pattern alternating regular speed with your interval speed intensity for the remainder of your workout. If you’re a more advanced exerciser and are for example running on the treadmill at 5 mph, then alternate your regular pace with a 1-2 minute speed of 7 or 8 mph, then drop it back down to 5mph and continue alternating the faster or higher intensity pace with your regular speed. You can also boost your interval workouts by adding a higher incline on the treadmill for a boost to your calorie burn and help in whittling your waistline.  (As always, check with your doctor before beginning or increasing the intensity of your exercise program)

4. Eat more Blueberries: Researchers at the University of Michigan found that adding blueberries to your diet may help reduce the amount of belly fat that you carry around your waist.  Blueberries make a great addition to steel-cooked oatmeal, fat free yogurts, or smoothies and contain other benefits such as being a great source of antioxidants.

5. Go Nuts: Dieters who added 3 ounces of almonds every day (this is approximately 70 almonds!) to their diet lost 7 inches from their waistlines compared to non-almond eaters who lost only 5 inches according to a study done by the International Journal of Obesity.

You can make some small changes in your eating and exercise plans and have a flatter stomach in no time if you’re consistent with your new healthier habits.  If you implement these tips we’d love to hear your success stories, so write in and let us know how you’re doing.  You  are welcome to share your before and after photos which can help someone else get off the couch and into some better habits for healthier living!